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palinka marksbrew MBdark


Phone: +36 20 586 2979



markMark was born in a Northern town of Hungary, called Esztergom in 1976. At a very young age he realized his passion for movies and soon became a comic book addict. At his early ages he was very much influenced by the music of Mike Oldfield and by the movie “The Empires Strikes Back”.

He feels fortunate as his job is what he loves to do …film making.

Mark is a passionate type of director. He strongly believes in the “director on the camera” method. He has always followed this principle, learned and still learns (as this is a never ending story) his profession taking this principle in mind. You can hardly see Mark sitting in front of the monitor. He takes part in the process of the film making actively.  The careful preparation of the film, the exposition of it and the finding of the right characters are all mirrors of the outcome.
He thinks that the preparation period of a production is crucial.

If possible he likes working and thinking together with the creative agency to find the best solution possible if needed and to always create a quality work.

Mark prepares setting photos accurately at the location in order to find the best possible angles of the different scenes. He creates his own sketches for the shooting. He has definite and well developed ideas visually and dramaturgically also.
Mark also believes that your task as a director is to stretch boundaries. This is the driving force that makes you discover new things, that brings out the most of a project and that helps you to complete an idea if you fill there is more in it. It depends to what extent you can complete a project or an idea. There are times when you have only millimeters to maneuver, sometimes more, but the battle is worth it as this is the only way you can put a bit of your personality into the finished spot. These little details make you fall in love with the project and this is what makes you and your work credible.